Grumpy French DevOps Dude Talks Docker

Jerome Petazzoni works for Docker Inc. and is the goto guy for all things Docker. According to him, if you get under his skin, he will also replace you with a very small shell script.

Petazzoni gave this talk as part of Cerner’s Tech Talk series and explains the quick evolution of Docker from being written in Python to being the first polyglot PaaS ever. One of the objectives of the Docker project was to have something open source from day one rather than a tool which would ‘one day’ be open sourced, something which Petazzoni explains would never happen.

The initial repo for Docker had limited access to about 200 people to review, contribute and give feedback before Docker 0.1 was released at PyCon in March 2013.

2014 saw Docker arrive as a production ready tool although prior to the release of Docker 1.0.0 there was already pent up demand which included ‘crazy Russians’ in the form of Yandex¬†already using it in production. By the time it was released Docker had adopted the tagline ‘Build, ship and run any app, anywhere’ and this talk looks into the meaning of each of these functions.



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  1. Nice Article. How it help to developer in terms of balance the day to day life.

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