5 Startups Worthy of Presenting at Key San Francisco Meetup

San Francisco’s Startup Showcase is a beast of a group, which can attract nearly 1,000 presenters, technologists, investors and consumers.

On such a big stage, at least by Meetup standards, you’d have to have a great idea, rolled it some way along the road of technical and product development and a solid pitch for the yes men to comfortably join the party.. and because I love to rummage around the types of products and teams that make it to these events, I looked at five solid Startups that have attended over the last few months.

1. Takes Inc.

Category.. social media. This tool is something that would really appeal to the social media set, it’s video capturing technology straddling the gap between photo and video.

Takes captures a short video of moments like a regular camera with one tap, the result being a gif like picture in an instant. I can see this being the type of thing that would be snapped up by a social media giant.

2. nFlate

This engine really interests me, especially since I have been looking at things like Outbrain recently for so called ‘content amplification’. Outbrain presents ‘you might also like’ recommendations for readers.

What nFlate does is presents recommendations for retailers, so for example, if you were on Acme Department Store website browsing, you would see a widget on the page recommending other products based on what previous viewers had bought and how they had navigated the site.

3. Wonderloop

The viral effect of this app is hard to visualise at first from the beautifully produced Wonderloop marketing video, which make the Wonderloop appear more complicated than it is.

The idea is a platform allowing users to post short 10-20 videos of themselves, then connect with other people, creating a huge social media platform.

The idea is great and I think it fits in somewhere between LinkedIn and Facebook.. which if it shows early signs of success, could call the big boys into action to add a similar feature on already established networks, otherwise they could really be onto something.

4. Branto

Branto were one of the start ups that presented at January’s event as part of their Kickstarter campaign, where they are looking for $500,000.

The ball shaped device, by the same name, sits in your home and is remotely operated via a smart phone app allowing you to remotely control home media systems, pick up noise intrusions as a security device, and act as a 360 degree camera and communication portal. As of today they have raised $100,000 of the required amount to push the orb to the next stage.

5. Colatris

This is a really useful tool for developers to be able to accurately ship an app out across language barriers. It can be enabled when building an app to translate, nuance and all. Colatris saves time with developers wishing to market apps internationally having to hire translators and mitigates the risk of multiple submissions to the app store.











About Gary Donovan

Machine Learning and Data Science blogger, hacker, consultant living in Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about the people and communities that drive forward the evolution of technology.
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