Go for Rubyists, Martini and Revel

The Slovenia Ruby Group held their first Meetup of 2015 last week where Luka Zakrajšek, the Co-founder and CTO of Koofr gave a talk on Ruby and Go.

Koofr, which was awarded ‘Slovenian start-up of the year’ at the Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2013, provides easily accessible storage for different media with a single search box across all connected devices.

Here, Zakrajšek gives an insight into how Koofr use Go for serving content with custom FTP servers and also for the desktop application starting with an outline of Go (go to 1:34)it’s features and how it fits in between C and Ruby on the pH scale of languages.

The presentation also mentions Martini, a web framework for Go which Zakrajšek talks about at 14:23 and it’s features of flexible routing, middleware and the fact you can re-use existing code – Martini is part of codegansta.io which is worth a visit for tools and screencasts for Go.

As well as this Koofr are also looking at Revel as it reaches 1.0, a high productivity framework for Go (go to 16:03) which was recently benchmarked as being able to serve between three and ten times as many requests as Rails depending on it’s application.




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