Drag and Drop To Train A Neural Network, Metamind

New technology can be slightly baffling to a lot of people depending on how it is presented, and ‘a lot of people’ might be the people that would jump to use this technology if it was easier to use.

Applied to Deep Learning, Metamind‘s Artificial Intelligence Platform allows users to simply drag and drop items in order to train a neural network. CTO and Co-Founder of Metamind, Dr.Richard Socher gives a simple explanation into the value proposition which they created to bring it to market,

“Maybe you’re in the food business and you want to have a food classifier.. we can very easily just throw our general system onto a specific dataset like food and then basically classify different food items and create a very large dataset where we can just classify all these different food items.. ”

“Sometimes you might say ‘I don’t wanna go through this loop with you and with an expert, I actually just want to be able to train this myself’..”

“..when I said deep learning for everybody, I feel like that is only true once anyone who knows how to drag and drop and use a web browser can use it and that is essentially what we have accomplished when we launched the company last month, which is an interface which is extremely easy to use and lets you basically create your own classifier.”

Dr.Socher gave a demonstration as part of this talk in which he created a cookie classifier by dragging and dropping images of different types of cookies into the browser, although the projector screen cannot be seen.. which is fine because Metamind’s website easily allows you to create your own image classifier really simply.

This demo is part of a wider presentation which talks about sentiment analysis and deep learning algorithms that solve more complex language tasks to work out more accurate meaning of expressions and vocabulary (Natural Language Processing)




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