Live Coding an Ember App Using Test Driven Development at EmberConf 2015, Toran Billups

Part of this years EmberConf included a live coding session by Toran Billups¬†as part of the three day line up of workshops and talks which also included Edward Faulkner’s talk on physical design and how to implement realistic animation into Ember apps and Lauren Tan’s Ambitious UX talk.

The idea behind this talk is to get feedback with TDD and in giving this demonstration Billups mentions that whenever he watched live coding sessions it was very often the smaller things that proved helped him learn than the bigger picture itself. Throughout this talk Billups commentates the things that he has learnt about Test Driven Development and how he will fail tests to monitor feedback with what is expected.

In the context of TDD, Codemanship will also be running an intensive workshop on Test Driven Development in London on April 11 which is a one day crammer course covering the main topics of TDD including red-green refactoring, clean code, test doubles, dependency injection and adopting TDD in the real world at a bargain price of just 30GBP (plus 2.45GBP fee).



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