Happy Birthday Docker and Laura Frank at .concat()2015

A big Happy Birthday to Docker this month at it celebrates it’s second birthday with more than a dozen open source parties being organised around the world which will give advice and guidance to people from the core Docker team and expert developers from the community on how best to use the tool.

Everyone is included too, participants of all technical levels are encouraged to be involved in the events with key activities ranging from learning about the Docker project, learning how to contribute to open source, learning Go, helping marine wildlife and, of course, making the most of the food and drink.

Docker Founder, Solomon Hykes, explains how the project is seeking to give back to the community which has helped Docker get to where it is today, ‘My wish is that we fulfil on the opportunity that the community has given us. We started out with a mission of building tools of mass innovation and we are beginning to deliver on that mission; millions of developers are using Docker, tens of thousands are building tools around it and hundreds of people are contributing directly to its code base.’

Elsewhere this month, The University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg hosted .concat() 2015, a one day event for the web development community covering everything web.

For people that haven’t used containers, Laura Frank, a Senior Developer at CenturyLink Labs in Chicago gave a cracking talk on containerisation in the context of Docker, explaining what it is and the benefits of using containers with speed, cost, portability and safety and how Docker gives a great UI experience in providing a tool to manage containers.




About Gary Donovan

Machine Learning and Data Science blogger, hacker, consultant living in Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about the people and communities that drive forward the evolution of technology.
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