Chef Announces Continuous Delivery Product at ChefConf 2015

As organisations inject continuous delivery practices to tidy up production pipelines to efficient delivery, Chef has crystallised all the behavioural information from planet DevOps and announced at ChefConf this week the launch of their new product, Chef Delivery. Currently the product is invite only.

Chef is aiming to land grab the regions outside of it’s automation platform which look after all the related challenges which delivery practices face with pushing towards production. This means bringing everything together that behaves fluidly to automate changes to infrastructure, runtime environments and applications whilst also providing a framework for test automation, continuous delivery and continuous integration.

TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinoi reports that Chef are serving up the new product with Global 2000 companies in mind and in a conversation with Chef VP of Marketing Jay Wampold, the challenge which Chef is addressing is, “how do you become a high velocity development engine?”

Chef Delivery is built as a transparent tool to allow project participants to collaborate on proposed changes whilst being able to give quick feedback on changes through it’s testing feature. At the same time, Chef have invested in providing easy monitoring by curating analytics into a visualisation of the workflow so everyone can easily track an idea through production.

In terms of integration and scalability, the architecture is fully integrated with the Chef server, equipping it to go into battle in the most demanding enterprise theatres with full ecosystem integration which includes Docker and also AWS and Azure cloud platforms.



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