Using SaltStack to Orchestrate Microservices & App Containers Like Docker – SaltConf2015

Salt Lake City based configuration management software provider¬†SaltStack enjoyed it’s annual conference in Salt Lake City recently with a packed agenda and talks from both SaltStackers and Engineers from the wider community giving different perspectives on how SaltStack is used in different environments and set ups.

Whilst many tools address specific aspects of infrastructure and application control, SaltStack was created to deploy, manage and automate all layers of data centre infrastructure throughout ITOps, DevOps and CloudOps.

Bloglovin is a blog content aggregator based out of Stockholm and Automation Engineer Love Nyberg explained how SaltStack is used to scale their microservice system which uses Docker and how they approach production challenges like filesystem failures and getting containers to talk to one another.

Nyberg inherited a complex web of legacy tools and technology before introducing SaltStack, “what SaltStack brought us was one tool that we could use for basically everything regarding orchestration but also doing all the new and fancy stuff with containers.”¬†Container management at Bloglovin is explained in two phases, rolling deploys with a static number and green/blue deploy with a dynamic pillar and Nyberg explains how Docker images are built, shipped and run along with the deployment of new containers before the old ones are killed.

For more talks from SaltConf2015, go to the SaltStack YouTube page.



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