garyThanks for visiting my blog.. which is about the people and communities that push forward the evolution of software development and data science with an emphasis on machine learning.

I love discovering how Data Scientists and Developers are advancing computer engineering through their work and this blog is a helpful record of some of the stuff I find interesting. I am not a commercial level Developer or Data Scientist but regularly hack with professional developers and participate in an engineers machine learning study group of here in Melbourne. I am also old enough to say that I had a ZX81 that booted straight to the command line when I was a kid.. when it felt like it. Reading and writing about technology has become a passion and I believe the future of technology lies somewhere amongst front end magic, convolutional neural networks and finding order in unstructured data.

I also recruit which means I get to meet some amazing people with beautiful minds right here in Melbourne. Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. I can be reached at gary dot donovan at takeagile dot com.

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