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Deep Learning at Facebook AI Research

golden gate bridge and transamerica building

The unrelenting thirst for us to pour as much data about ourselves into the vaults at Facebook has created the perfect nesting ground for Data Scientists to gather with thoughtful fingers tapping together and create the tools to manipulate it. When the other big machine learning houses of the world, Google, Baidu, Netflix and so on are all generating value from ...

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Using Machine Learning to Tell You What You Are Thinking, Ted Willke, Intel Labs

Frame of Mind series. Composition of  human face wire-frame and wave elements to serve as a supporting backdrop for projects on mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness

Ted Willke’s work at Intel Labs has seen him use well known toolsets to bring order to the chaos of big data, guiding his teams through massive updates to graph based machine learning and data mining software to allow Data Scientists to extract the best possible value from data sets. This must have been as good a preparation as any ...

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The People Driving Large Scale Machine Learning with Apache Spark


The popular benchmark banded around about Apache Spark‘s machine learning library MLlib is that it is ten times faster than Hadoop based Apache Mahout as an environment for building scalable machine learning applications and a hundred times faster than Hadoop MapReduce. It’s scalabilty is also proven in production to over 8,000 nodes with the ability to cache datasets in memory ...

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Developers Guide to Containers from Docker to Borg and Kubernetes, Mandy Waite, Google

Captain and phone

How do you explain the popularity of Docker? By comparing it to Fernando Alonso of course. Mandy Waite has become a popular torch bearer on the cloud circuit as Developer Advocate at Google and recently featured at Codemotion in Rome talking about Containers for Developers from Docker to Google’s own Kubernetes. Waite weaves her work at Google with an industrious ...

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Container Influencers Gather at Container Camp

Gathering of Container Influencers at Container Camp

As the world of software development continues to roll around in the flexibility and portability that has been enabled by Docker with containers, the community’s most recognised people gathered at Container Camp last week for a day of talks on software virtualisation. In real terms Docker has provided software developers with a tool that allows production environment set up to ...

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SF Machine Learning to Look at Google Research Tool in Production

apps off the screen

The furious rise of Japanese news app SmartNews,¬†which has become the country’s most downloaded news app, is starting to see it’s popularity quickly cross the Pacific into the smartphones of Americans. SmartNews delivers an extremely clean and responsive user experience with curated news items from around the web delivered at a time of the day chosen by the reader. Big ...

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