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Grumpy French DevOps Dude Talks Docker

Grumpy French DevOps Dude Talks Docker

Jerome Petazzoni works for Docker Inc. and is the goto guy for all things Docker. According to him, if you get under his skin, he will also replace you with a very small shell script. Petazzoni gave this talk as part of Cerner’s Tech Talk series and explains the quick evolution of Docker from being written in Python to being ...

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Couchbase, Clocker, Weave, Apache Brooklyn | Alex Heneveld, Munich

Couchbase, Clocker, Weave, Apache Brooklyn|Alex Heneveld, Munich

Alex Heneveld is the CTO of Cloudsoft, an open source application management company which aims to accelerate cloud adoption by providing a platform where businesses do not lose control but are still able to fully exploit the cloud. At the Munich Couchbase Meetup in November, Heneveld spoke about the Apache Brooklyn project (go to 12:57) (currently the only automatic open source ...

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