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Baidu ImageNet Result Part of a Much Larger Picture

Server Farm Room

Deep Learning has been in our palms for a while now, and we all get to see the results from the requests we send to the tech companies we rely on for kicks and flicks which means the exodus of AI experts from academia to the largest commercial research laboratories is well under way. The momentum which has been generated ...

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Assembling a Machine Learning Team, Ewa Dominowska, Facebook

How to Build a Machine Learning Team, Ewa Dominowska, Facebook

If you need a bit of guidance with knowing how to get your machine learning project off the ground and who to hire, this talk might give some pointers. Facebook Engineering Manager Ewa Dominowska presented at the Seattle iteration of MLConf giving insight into how to go about building effective teams in an era where the appetite for unravelling large ...

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Machine Learning for SQL Query at Facebook, Christopher Berner, SF Analytics Meetup

Facebook’s Christopher Berner on Adding Machine Learning Capabilities to PrestoDB with PrestoML

Last week’s SF Big Analytics Meetup featured two talks by Christopher Berner of Facebook as well as Mohitdeep Singh from Rdio talking about non-parametric bayesian approaches which allow learning of infinite clusters. Berner explained how at Facebook, his machine learning capability plugin for distributed SQL query engine Presto started out as a Hackathon project. PrestoML joins the power of machine ...

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Deep Learning at Facebook AI Research

golden gate bridge and transamerica building

The unrelenting thirst for us to pour as much data about ourselves into the vaults at Facebook has created the perfect nesting ground for Data Scientists to gather with thoughtful fingers tapping together and create the tools to manipulate it. When the other big machine learning houses of the world, Google, Baidu, Netflix and so on are all generating value from ...

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