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Insane HTML5 WebSocket Real-Time Web Demos, Peter Moskovits

HTML5 WebSocket For Real-Time Web, Peter Moskovits

I make no apologies for banging on about the Internet of Things.. again.. but in the context of HTML5 WebSocket this talk is awesome. Kaazing are based in San Francisco and use HTML5 WebSocket to provide instant two way communications over the web ‘at an enterprise level’. Peter Moskovits is the Head of Real-Time Solutions and in this presentation he gives ...

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The Next Big Leap In Javascript Performance | Moh Haghihat

The Next Big Leap In Javascript Performance | Moh Haghihat

Moh Haghihat worked with the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, on the first just-in-time compiler as well as more recently leading Intel’s efforts in bring Single Instruction/Multiple Data (SIMD) to JavaScript with Google and Firefox. In this talk at HTML5DevConf, Haghihat explains the prospect of bringing the full power of modern platforms to Javascript giving it the performance of native ...

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