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A Lightning Introduction to io.js, BayNode Meetup, Tony Pujals

A Lightening Introduction to io.js, BayNode Meetup, Tony Pujals

Tony Pujals gave this talk at Baynode Meetup last week as part of Node night, explaining where io.js has come from with it’s key features in the shadow of a potential reconciliation between the Node.j and io.js projects and how it was started by contributors to Node as a completely community driven project which has listened to what the community wants in ...

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How Joyent Might Look Into Their Past To Help Approach The Node/io.js Affair – Bryan Cantrill At Docker Seattle Meetup

Human pyramid

Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill was pumped at the last Docker Seattle Meetup. Extremely pumped. Not ‘here is another product offering’ excited, more.. we have put absolutely everything into our new cloud offering and you’d be nuts not to ride with us through this release and beyond. Including an opening preamble heavily seasoned with container puns, not being able to contain ...

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